Industrial Gas Supply & Technology for Laboratories

Pure control

Variables belong in your experiments, not your lab materials. At Praxair, you can depend on the purity and integrity of our products to help you conduct the most accurate experiments possible. We’ll supply your lab with a full line of high-purity analytical instrumentation gases, reagent gases, and gas mixtures, customized to your requirements. And we don’t stop there. Our laboratory services go far beyond gas supply. We offer a full line of cryopreservation and gas handling, distribution and storage equipment to help you work safely and productively. Because at Praxair, we don’t experiment with your satisfaction.

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Laboratory apparatus, equipment, supplies and products 

Lab Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

We offer one of the industry’s most complete lines of laboratory gas handling, distribution, storage and safety equipment to help you use our gases more productively, efficiently and safely.

Gas Generators

Gas Generators

Gas generators are a convenient source of pure gas and can provide significant benefits over other options. From hydrogen and nitrogen to zero air and oxygen, we can help you choose the right gas generation system to meet your needs.

Cryopreservation Equipment

Cryopreservation Equipment

While biological materials can be preserved in many ways, low-temperature storage is one of the few preservation methods that minimizes changes in the material. So, we teamed up with the world’s leading manufacturers of vacuum insulated products and cryogenic systems to provide you top notch cryopreservation equipment and turnkey solutions that ensure the maintenance of your biological materials.

Industrial services for laboratories

We do more than provide specialty gases and products to laboratories. We will help you optimize your process. From consultation to implementation and use, we offer a range of services that help you monitor and manage your gas supply so you can focus on being more productive.