Business Integrity & Ethics Policy


Standards of business integrity

We have adopted an Ethics Policy and developed Standards of Business Integrity to provide additional, specific business conduct guidance to our employees.

Praxair’s Standards of Business Integrity (1MB)

This information is distributed to our employees around the world to outline Praxair’s expectations of ethical conduct and integrity wherever we do business. We take these standards very seriously and non-compliance can result in severe disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Our employees are actively encouraged to report suspected complaints and concerns, and can anonymously report violations through a number of channels, including the Integrity Hotline. We also encourage customers, vendors or other observers to use the hotline to submit complaints or allegations about these or other matters.

The following table provides the aggregate number of hotline reports made during the years:

2012 2013 2014 2015
252 419 395 388

In 2015, Praxair received 388 reports to our hotline. Of these, more than 74.7 percent were related to workplace issues not within the scope of our Standards of Business Integrity. The remaining 25.3 percent of reports addressed a range of issues under the Standards, which were investigated and addressed where appropriate.

If you have observed a violation of Praxair's Standards of Business Integrity, please contact our Integrity Hotline:

For employees, call 1-800-290-7729
For non-employees, please visit