Environmental Performance


Reporting progress

Every year we report against our environmental Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for air emissions, energy, water and waste. These KPI areas reflect best practice, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Carbon Disclosure Project and Global Reporting Initiative, as well as our own needs. View our Sustainable Development Report to see how we performed last year.

2012 Sustainable Development Report (1.6MB)

Water Use -

We report water use for approximately 380 sites where our monthly use exceeds 10,000 gallons. Water is reported as total volume used across several categories. Approximately 21% of the water we use is supplied by municipalities or other water utilities, while the remaining 79% is provided by our customers or procured from surface and well waters, or other industrial sources.

In 2011, Praxair’s global water use was 46.4 million cubic meters, 14% higher than in 2010. The largest single factor for this increase was higher production due to growing global customer demand and a number of new plants brought on-line. See our water consumption per year below.

2007 39.5
2008 39.8
2009 40.5
2010 39.8
2011 46.4

These numbers do not include once-through, non-contact cooling water, where water is drawn from and returned to the same body of water without the addition of chemicals or contaminants.